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Violence by extremist armed groups escalates in Algeria:  Call for support by progressive groups

Audio  interviews XI National AIDS Conference, Amsterdam, Holland

Sex and Trade in Struggle for Human Rights, Women’s Rights and Fair Trade

Pastor Irma Mielitz of SHIVA with an AIDS Memorial of candles & red ribbons  XI Natinal AIDS Conference, Amsterdam, Holland

Photo gallery "Women: Metamorphosis of the Butterfly Effect" by Maria Suarez Toro



nOvember  2007


Massive Bi-national Mobilization of Women against the War in Colombia

Photo gallery: Mobilization of Women against the War in Colombia

Internet Governance Forum November 12-15, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Exclusion of Women Persists in the Debate about Internet Governance 

Photo Gallery Internet Governance Forum November 12-15, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Interview with Chat García, APC: Harmful Content in Internet / Audio

Interview with Anriette Esterhuysen, Executive Director of APC: Internet Governance Forum and the Civil Society/Audio




Audio Interview with Doty Dale, Peace Worker. The School of Americas and women as a peace makers.

Radio Spots on UN Resolution 1325-available to listen and download

Costa Rica Central American Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA

Declaration of “Mujeres del NO”

Audio Interviews. The Power of NO: Women talk about the CAFTA Referendum 

The Power of NO: Women talk about the CAFTA Referendum

Women of the NO: The Struggle against CAFTA Continues

The Yes Wins and Women all Over the Country Grieve

Nobel Women´s initiative: Statement of Solidarity with the women of  Costa Rica

Results: THE POWER OF No: Hundreds of women came together to celebrate women`s contributions to the struggle against the ratification of CAFTA in Costa Rica. 




September 2007

The Power of No: Costa Rican Women Adding Power to the No

Audios of "The power of No" español



aUGUST - JuLY 2007

The “Banner of Dreams”

Photo montage: Constructing the Banner of Dreams

The US Elections:  This time it's the issues, not just images

Fifth Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas: "Restoring Balance"   July 9 to 11 in Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada



June 2007

US Social Forum 2007  - Atlanta, GA, June 27-July 1 

  • Crossing the Line (FIRE staff asked women what "crossing the line" regarding women's political transformation meant to them)



MaY 2007

Midwifery Today Conference Birth without BordersSan José, Costa Rica, May 23–27, 2007

Interview with Lauren Supone about the midwifery today

Female Presidents and Heads of State

Female Prime Ministers

Women Awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize

Audio: Interview with Sofía Montenegro, Nicaragua, About the Process of Women´s Transformation Watch

Audio: Interview with Lucy Atkin about the Women in Resistance meeting in Oaxaca.



aPril 2007

Nobel Women’s Initiative:  Statement of Solidarity with the Women of Oaxaca

II Women’s Transformation Watch / Women Crossing the Line



March 2007

Call to Reject CAFTA

Call o Action: 33 Women Activists Arrested in Iran 

Update: Arrests of women may be attempt to prevent International Women's Day Calls for Equality

Costa Rica´s Peaceful Environment is not by Chance  



February 2007

Campaign Connect to a Network Free of Violence

Nomination of Alda Facio for the Perdita Houston Award 

Peace Alliance Campaign to establish a U.S. Department of Peace  

"New Orleans Now: Can Art Heal a Broken City?"  



January 2007

World Social Forum

Gender Platform:  Women's Voice was Strong & Clear

3rd Feminist Dialogues - "Transforming Democracy:  Feminist Visions & Strategies"

Charter of Feminist Principles for african feminists


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