Feminist International Radio Endeavour-FIRE

June 2007

By FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour
Radio Internacional Feminista

US Social Forum

Gallery #1:  Opening day march

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Photos by Margaret Thompson of Feminist International Radio Endeavour
(FIRE)  You may use the information and photos
from FIRE (www.radiofeminista.net ) citing FIRE as the source


For more information, contact María Suárez Toro of FIRE during the WSSF at 
maria@radiofeminista.net or call 720-333-9315 or Cindy Clark of Just Associates, Inc. at cac@justassociates.org.


To follow FIRE’s coverage of the USSF 2007, go to
www.radiofeminista.org/ (Spanish) 
www.radiofeminista.org/indexeng.htm (English).  


For more information about the WSSF go to: www.wssf.org