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June 2007

By FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour
Radio Internacional Feminista

Press Release June 19, 2007



San José, Costa Rica -- Women’s participation and perspectives will be the focus of media coverage by FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour -- at the US Social Forum (USSF) in Atlanta, Georgia, June 27-July 1, 2007.

Tens of thousands of women’s rights, peace, racial and economic justice activists and movements will come together as part of the international process started in Brazil in 2001 under the slogan: “Another World is Possible.”

Social Forums are an opportunity for activists to meet and strengthen global, regional and local social movements worldwide. Women have been present is every forum, comprising more than half of the participants.   

FIRE will be taking to the Forum a Costa Rica women´s initiative calling for solidarity  in their resistance to the Central American Free Trade Agreement – CAFTA. The initiative will bring to the Forum the  “Quilt of our Dreams” where women from the U.S. can paint or  write their messages of solidarity with women in Central America. 

FIRE will also participate in three panels, and cover the US Social Forum Court of Women.  

The panels include:

-Rebuilding Women’s Movements Across All Borders (Thur. June 28), which will explore ways of rebuilding and ere-energizing women’s movements across borders of power and privilege;

-Popular Education for Social Transformation: Case Studies from Around the Globe (Fri. June 29), which will explore examples of popular education from different contexts and countries, and discuss common struggles and themes in using popular education for social transformation;

-Women Make Media:  Not War (Sat. June 30)
While most mainstream media cover war through the eyes of the war makers, many women at all levels of media concentrate efforts in rendering visibility to women´s voices about peace. In this session, feminist grassroots media practitioners will describe their experiences, successes and the obstacles they face.


Further they will brainstorm among each other and with the audience on how to can collaborate on projects to give their work greater visibility and global reach. In particular, they will explore how to can interact on a global scale with such dynamic projects as the Women's Media Pool, which was initiated for Beijing 10+.

A Feminist Observatory of Transformation Politics  (FOTP) (Observatorio Feminista de la Trangresión) will take place at the Forum with the objective of observing what women are doing in this political space in order to influence the Forum´s Agenda their activities, concerns and perspectives in the promotion of equality, peace and justice. FIRE and Just Associates, as member of the FOTP will undertake such action.

The FOTP will also be present at the first U.S. Social Forum so as to contact and connect with women’s groups and organizations to inform them about this initiative and encourage them to join the FOTP in future actions, such as the Feminist Observatory that will take place in Costa Rica in the framework of the CAFTA Referendum to decide about the destiny in that country of the signing or rejecting CAFTA. 

The initiative to create the FOTP emerged from an agreement among 25 feminists from Central America and Mexico, who came together in Panama for a meeting on “Imagining and Reinventing the Feminism of the Future” from September 19-22, 2006, organized by the international organization Just Associates with the support of Hivos of the Netherlands.


FOTP activities so far have included the Feminist Observatory of the Nicaraguan Elections in 2006, a fact-finding mission to Costa Rica regarding women´s resistance to CAFTA in March, 2007, and a recent Feminist Observatory  in Oaxaca, Mexico, during the meeting of “Women in Resistance” (also known as “Women Crossing the Line” at this action) in April, 2007.

FIRE will also cover the US Social Forum Court of Women (June 29, 1- 5 pm), which will focus on three human rights abuse topics in the US including

  • Violence Against Women

  • Hurricane Katrina

  • The Criminal Justice Systems, Federal, State, and Local. 

  • US immigration issues will be integrated throughout these topics. 



For more information, contact María Suárez Toro of FIRE during the WSSF at maria@radiofeminista.net or call 720-333-9315 or Cindy Clark of Just Associates, Inc. at cac@justassociates.org.

To follow FIRE’s coverage of the USSF 2007, go to
www.radiofeminista.org/ (Spanish) or www.radiofeminista.org/indexeng.htm (English).  

For more information about the WSSF go to: www.wssf.org