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 2005 - 2006


november 2006

Before and after Oaxaca: AWID´s Movements and Money

Gaza: Stop the Siege! Stop the War!

Nobel Women’s Initiative: Statement on Women and the Nicaraguan Elections


October 2006

AUDIOS:  FIRE MARATHON BROADCAST: Women´s experiences and perspectives on armed conflict and peace

Nicaragua Congress votes to ban all abortions

Nicaragua: Penal Reform Constitutes an Assault on Human Rights

6th anniversary of UNITED NATIONS RESOLUTION 1325 OCTOBER 26, 2006

Virtual observation of the elections in Nicaragua from the views of women

Invitation to participate as observers in the election of Nicaragua

Constructing strategies for peace: Women Building Peace and Good Neighbourliness in the Great Lakes Region Nairobi, Kenya



Thai Women Speak Out About Coup

Top Women's Official in Afghanistan Assassinated by Gunmen

Israeli & Palestinian Women Leaders Hold Unprecedented Meeting at UN with Women Heads of State

Nobel Women's Initiative for Peace Five women Nobel Peace Laureates launch a united effort for peace with justice & equality

Audios & Photos: Women Building Peace and Good Neighbourliness in the Great Lakes Region (French & English)



August 2005

Audios: Women's voices & perspectives on the armed conflicts in the Middle East

"Is this life?  Trying to make sense of the war," by Nayla Razzouk from Beirut

FIRE marathon broadcast "Voices of Resistance" with women's perspectives on Middle East conflicts 

Women activists demand a voice for women and women's perspectives

Demonstrations and protests around the world world against the war in the Middle East

Sign global online petition for an effective ceasefire

Press release by UNIFEM with Noeleen Heyser's statement

Momentum of "Voices of Resistance" campaign continues:  Calling for an end to the war and the bloodshed

WMC Report: Middle East “Voices of Resistance” Broadcast by Mary Thom

Fire Launches Campaign to Curb Violence Against Women on the Internet at International Know How Conference, Aug. 21-26

More on the campaign (in Spanish)...

KnowHow Conference Aug. 21-26

Photo Galleries KnowHow Conference, Mexico City, Aug. 21-25

Pictures: Protest by women teachers from Oaxaca held in Mexico City

Thousands march on Aug. 20 in Mexico City to demand vote recount in July elections... 

Iran Stops Stoning Sentence for Ashraf Kolhar  


June- July 2006

FIRE and Feminist communicators receive Angela Acuña Braun Award for 2005, Winners refused to accept award earlier to protest political climate in the National Women’s Institute

María Suárez Toro & Guadalupe Urbina Win GAEA Foundation Award


March 2006

March 8: Mavic Cabrera, Centro Internacional de la Tribuna, New York, Estados Unidos


January /2006

Special Broadcasting International Court of Women live in FIRE

Audios Court of Women, World Social Forum



December 2005


·         International Consultation on Women Human Rights Defenders 29 November 2005 – 2 December 2005 Colombo, Sri Lanka

·         Audio Gallery 

·         Photo Gallery 

·         Program



November 2005

FIRE Covers WSIS II in Tunisia -- November 16-18, 2005

·         Photo Galleries

·         Interview with Anriette Esterhuysen (South Africa) APC, human rights abuses during the WSIS

·         Audio Gallery

Press Releases

·         Human Rights Abuses Present Ironic Contrast at WSIS Event

·         The Internet Governance War is Over but Concrete Power Remains in US Hands

·         Read & sign the Latin American & Caribbean Women's Open Letter to WSIS on Gender Equality & The
Information Society...
click here

·         On the Eve of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS): Obstacles and Achievements

·         Publication Digital Future gives a feminist perspective to the  Information Society

·         November 25 International Day Towards the Elimination of Violence Against Women
FIRE broadcast live from a massive women's peace march in Colombia organized by the Women's Peaceful Way (Ruta Pacifica de las Mujeres) to Chocó, a highly conflicted area in Colombia...

·         Press release

·         Photo gallery - Colombia

·         Photo gallery - Costa Rica

·         Spanish audios



October 2005

CAMPAIGN "Between Women, with Affected Communities" in Guatemala:A call for feminist solidarity in the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Stan and others

·         Invitation to participate in the campaign

·         Fact sheet & background

·         Personal account of disaster by María Suárez of FIRE (Global Fund for Women website)

·         Photo gallery

AWID Forum from Bangkok, Tailand., October 27-30, 2005.


·         Program and schedule of the webcasting

·         English Audios

·         Audios en Español

·         Photo Gallery

10th Latin American & Caribbean Feminist Encuentro  

·         Feminism in democracies: Can the rules of the game be changed?

·         Radicalization of feminism, radicalization of democracy

·         Together at last

·         FIRE Organizing Communications Strategy with Pool of Women Journalists



September 2005

·         FIRE Final Report:  Matriarchies challenge neo-liberal globalization

·         2nd World Congress on Matriarchal Studies. For more information go to: www.second-congress-matriarchal-studies.com

·         Conference schedule

·         Photo galleries

·         Audios Gallery



August 2005

·         Women in Black Conference in Jerusalem, August 12-16

·         Women in Black join Palestinian Women with Presentation of  Global Charter for Humanity & Protest Against the Israeli Occupation

·         Listen to Hedy Epstein, Holocaust survivor & anti-occupation peace activist 

·         More audio interviews

·         Women in Black Vigil Launches International Conference of Peace Activists 

·         International Conference of Women in Black Set to Begin in Jerusalem as Protests Continue Against Evacuation of Israeli Settlers in Gaza

·         FIRE to Cover Women in Black Conference in Jerusalem in August 

·         Photo Gallery -- Jerusalem / Vigil

·         Photo Gallery --Conference 


·         FIRE reports on the global human rights efforts of women with disabilities

·         Coverage of Ad Hoc Committee on a UN Convention to Promote and Protect the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities

·         Interview with Anuradha Mohit a Special Rapporteur on Disabilities for the National Human Rights Commission of India.

·         Interview with Charlotte McClain, a human rights commissioner with the South African Human Rights Commission.

·         Interview with Kim Mi Joo, Director of the Women With Disablities Arts and Culture Network of Seoul, Korea.

·         Audios Gallery

·         Photo Gallery

·         FIRE Coverage of Ad Hoc Committee on a UN Convention to Promote and Protect the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities



June- July 2005

·         Women Call for Greater Recognition of Gender Equity Across All MD

·         Guadalupe Urbina in the 181st Anniversary Celebration of Guanacaste Province



May 2005


·         Robin Morgan, writer & activist, talks about the rise of the right wing under Bush and the implications for women's reproductive rights.

·         Judith Registre, Program Director in People's Republic of Congo for Women for Women International, talks about the impact of  war on women and women's health

·         Other FIRE interviews for May 28th

·         (in Spanish)



February - March 2005

·         World  March of Women:  Women's Global Charter for Humanity  Click here to listen   

·         FIRE Webcast for International Women's Day on March 8th -- English interviews

·         Claroscuro in Concert, click here to listen/ 12 de marzo 2005

·         Photo Gallery Claroscuro in Concert,


·         Wangari Maathai at UN:  Outcome of Grassroots  “Plant a Tree for Peace” Campaign

·         Women´s media pool :Beijing + 10

·         Indigenous women to demand recognition of their role and right

·         Where is Women´s “J” Spot?

·         Beijing + 10: Women´s Media Pool

·         Audios Beijing+ 10

·         Photo Gallery



January 2005


·         Feminist boat sailing towards Beijing +10  28/01/05

·         Sailing against mainstream; feminists at the World Social Forum  25/01/05

·         Transnational feminism?  24/01/05



·         Disabled Women's Issues/  FIRE web space


Disabled Women's Issues/  FIRE web space

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