Feminist International Radio Endeavour

October 2006

Virtual observation of the elections in Nicaragua
from the views of women   


Feminist International Radio Endeavor
San Jose, Costa Rica, October 4th, 2006 FIRE-RIF,
by Maria Suárez Toro 

Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE) will be organizing a webcast Marathon:  “Internet Observatory: Women in the Nicaraguan Elections”. 

The marathon will consist of 8 hours of live webcast from Nicaragua on November 5th, the day of elections in that country.  Between 10 a.m. and the 5 p.m. you will be able to hear  the women of Nicaragua speaking about their agenda and their demands for clean elections and an inclusive democracy.   

In addition, women of other countries, among them Canada, the United States, Costa Rica and others, have formed a “Women´s Observer Mission” to the Elections, and will report their findings through FIRE radio that day.       

FIRE will also be receiving opinions and comments from listeners and “virtual observers” through email that day.   



To register to become a VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL OBSERVER, the only thing you have to do is send an email to Feminist International Radio Endeavour (FIRE) committing yourself to follow the process by radio-Internet and to write a brief OBSERVER REPORT of that day, which relates your opinion about what you heard happened in Nicaragua that day and how it is related to your country of origin, and referring to the role and political positioning of women and their agenda.


The webcast programming will take place 11-5 p.m. (time in Nicaragua) in Spanish and English. It will feature live interviews of women from the women's movement, activists, members of the Independent Women’s Movement (MAM), International Women Observers present in Nicaragua, guests of the communities and feminist candidates for public office. 

During the live programming, we will be in contact with women and organizations that are currently struggling to restore a fragmented social weave, recognizing that Nicaraguan society in a short period of time has experienced abrupt changes in the political system, characterized by unequal distribution of  power, the dysfunction of the State, the erosion of acquired rights, and the rise of fundamentalism at the national and international levels, among other problems, according to official documentation from the Independent Women’s Movement (MAM).  

MAM will participate in the elections promoting their women´s agenda for social change, as well as their female candidates to the legislative  assembly through the Sandinista Renovation Movement, claiming that “Without participation of women in the decisionmaking of the destiny of the nation, there is no democracy,” according to Malena de Montis, an activist of MAM.  


The initiative to create a Virtual Observatory on Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE-RIF) arose from an agreement of 25 feminists of the Central American region and Mexico that met in Panama for the event: “Imagining and reinventing feminisms of the future”, held September 19-22, 2006 under the sponsorship of the international organizations, Just Associates and HIVOS of Holland.   

Besides asking FIRE to accompany them in an Observatory that day in Nicaragua, the Central American feminists created “Petatera” Radio, which will be the sister station of FIRE to cover the Nicaraguan electoral process as seen through women´s eyes.

The Electoral Observatory is the first of several planned actions aimed at the reactivation of a strong feminist movement in Central America.    

· To participate in the Delegation of Observant Women of the elections in Nicaragua, contact Malena de Montis at: mdemontis@turbonett.com before October 10th, 2006. 

· To register yourself to participate in the Virtual Observatory, write to oficina@radiofeminista.net. 

· To listen to the Virtual Observatory, go to www.radiofeminista.net on November 5, 2006.     

Or write to oficina@radiofeminista.net