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Audios Feminist Tech Exchange,  nov 10th, 11th  & 12th, Cape Town, South Africa

A FIREPLACE at AWID’s FORUM, Cape Town, South Africa,  November 14 -17

AWID’s 11th International Forum: The Power of Movements , from November 14th to 17th, Cape Town, South Africa.

Plenary sessions in Audios

17/11/08 - Audios Foro Awid 2008

16/11/08 - Audios Foro awid 2008

15 /11/08 - Audios Foro AWID 2008 

14/11/08 - Audios Foro AWID 2008 

FIREPLACE`s Interviews

Photo Gallery AWID FORUM 08



In Solidarity With The Womens Movement In Nicaragua

Radio Spots on UN Resolution 1325



Women, Metamorphosis of the Butterfly Effect

AIDS CONFERENCE 3-8 August 2008

Interview with Lin Francis,  HIV+, Zimbabwe: ¨I have the right of sexuality¨

More Audios, interviews and photos

¨Woman Crossing the line against HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa¨. Interview with Patience Mandishola from Zimbabwe, Azola Anale and Sindi Blose from South Africa




Sex trafficking activist Somaly Mam speaks at women's worlds congress: calls for action to free kidnapped daughter of colleague

Declaration in support of Western Saharawi women living in an occupied zone

Nawal El Saadawi, egyptian feminist writer, medical doctor & activist speaks about "Creativity, Women & Dissidence"

Photo Galleries

FIRE &"Wings of the Butterfly" Participation at the Congress Women´s World 08, madrid, spain

The World Turns the Other Way: Women Saharawis testify about the forgotten occupation of their country

Women's Worlds Congress, July 3-8, 2008Fire Coverage Madrid, Spain

Cimac Women's News Agency Offices Ransacked In Mexico City  Concerns Raised About Motive 




Nicaragua: Hunger strike suspended, but the struggle continues

Hunger Strike for Democracy in Nicaragua

FIRE Producer: One of 21 Alternative “Media Heroes” 2008


MARCH 2008

Support the "Nicaragua Nine" this March 8


January 2008

Kenyan Women Condemn Sexual Crimes and Inter-Ethnic Killings in Post-Election Strife

New Hope for Victims of Rape -- the Karen Vertido Case by Alda Facio


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