JULY, 2008


Madrid, Spain




At the July 8th session, "Final Balance and Conclusions of the Theme of Human Rights," participants drafted the following proposal adopted by the Organizing Committee of the X Interdisciplinary Women's World Congress and Teresa Langle de Paz, General Coordinator of the Congress.

Proposal for conclusion of Area 8: Human Rights

The participants in the roundtable, "Human Rights in the Occupied Zones," after having become aware of the gross violations of human rights against the Saharawi people by the State of Morocco, and specifically against the Saharawi students in the universities in Morocco on the 9th of May, 2007 and taking note of the history of oppression and taking into account the colonial links between the State of Spain and the Western Sahara, we request of the Plenary of the X World Congress of Women, held with the theme "Equality is Not a Utopia," to pronounce itself in the following terms: 

  1. Support on the part of the Congress the cause of the Saharawi people.

  2. Request of the State of Morroco, the government of Spain, the European Union and the United Nations, and the Mission of the UN Commission for Refugees in the Western  Sahara so they take opportune measures for the specific exercise of the right of the free determination of the Saharwi people through the referendum so that the conditions designed by the UN Security Council are created without delay.

  3. Condemnation of the violations of human rights of the Saharwi people in the occupied  zones in the Western Sahara and specifically demand of the government of Morocco:


    1. Cessation of all forms of those violations as well as provide reparation and compensation of victims.

    2. Unconditional liberation of political prisoners.

    3. Clarification of the destiny of more than  500 disappeared persons including Saharawi women.

  1. Recognize the significant role played by Saharawi women in the quest for a pacific solution to the conflict that can be lasting and just,  and express our solidarity and commitment of support at all levels, joining hands in the claim for justice, truth and reparations in all those local, national, regional and international organizations that we can approach.

  2. Request of the UN High Commission on Human Rights the immediate publication of the report that they did upon their visit to the Western Sahara in May, 2006, which they decided to maintain in confidentiality.

  3. Request of the government of Morocco to comply with the recommendations of the report and if not done so, that the UN take opportune measures to make them meet the recommendations in the report by sanctioning them if necessary.

  4. Claim the recognition, respect,  promotion and defense of the human rights of men and women as the foundation for a just society, free and democratic in the terms established by the UN Declaration of Human Rights and all other international covenants and treaties.

  5. Claim the right of all of us present in the Congress recognizing Article 28 of the Human Rights Declaration: “Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized."

Madrid, Spain July 8, 2008

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