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December 2004

  • Worldwide Response to "Plant a Tree for Peace Campaign" Reflects Strong Commitment to Peace & the Environment...(continued).

  • Interview with Karambu Ringera of Kenya about Wangari Maathai receiving the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize:

November 2004

3rd World Conservation Congress of IUCN in Bangkok, Thailand

August / September / October2004

July 2004

FIRE in Quito, Ecuador:  2nd Continental Indigenous Summit 

Social Forum of the Americas in Quito, Ecuador

June 2004

FIRE Reports of Cairo +10:

May 2004

March/April 2004

FIRE Webcast for International Women's Day on March 8th -- English interviews

Indai Sajor, from the Philippines, is a women's human rights activist and academic.  She has been working to make more visible the relationship between militarism and sexual slavery, including participating in the organization of the International Tribunal on Sexual Military Slavery in Asia (the Comfort Women's Tribunal), and in actions that will end impunity for those responsible for these crimes.

Ann-Lousse Haak
, is a minister in the United Church of Christ of Evanston, Illinois, USA, as well as a political and feminist activist, who works for lesbian women's rights inside the ecclesiastic or church hierarchy.


Pamela Richards, a specialist in land use planning and the environment, who is part of the group Permanent Action for Peace.

January /February 2004


December 2003

October /November 2003

November 25: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

FIRE Web Training Workshop

August/ September 2003

International Forum Women’s Rights in Trade Agreements

June/July 2003

April/ May 2003

January/ February/March 2003


November/December 2002
Ninth Latin American & Caribbean Feminist Encuentro in Costa Rica 

Interview with Marilyn Olanideji, Toronto Rape Crisis in Ontario Coalition of Rape Center

Interview with Alda Facio about feminism and globalization

Marisa Navarro about the history of the Encuentros and their significance

Onneke Oosterhuis, Hoofd Bureau Comunicatie, Hivos-Holanda.    

October 2002
9th International Forum "Re-inventing Globalization" 

August 2002

II World Social Forum  2002

01/31/02 The FIREPLACE in the World Social Forum
01/31/02 The World Social Forum Multimedia Initiative

FIRE Report: II World Social Forum, Porto Alegre 2002

Interview with Ana Leah Saravia, representative of the ILGA at the WSF. She speaks about the role of lesbians and gays in the anti-globalization movement and in the World Social Forum. She also talks about the next international ILGA conference which will be hold in Asia. Angela Isphording(02/03/02)

Interview with Rawa from Nafdavia, an Indian NGO working the subject of sustainable agriculture. She speaks about holding the next WSF in India, about her work and her impressions on the WSF. Angela Isphording and Maria Suarez (02/03/02)

Interview with Vandana Shiva from the Research Foundation of Science,India. She speaks about having the next Social Forum in India and about women's role in the anti-globalist movment. Angela Isphording and Maria Suarez (02/03/02)

Mary Robinson  spoke at the seminar about globalizing human rights, dignity and sustainable development, held in February 2, 2002 at the World Social Development Forum in Porto Alegre (02/03/02)

mp3: María Van Driel of South Africa,  and member of the IWCEJ speaks about the links between the Porto Alegre social Forum, the UN Conferecne angisnt Racism in Durban last September, and the upcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in her country this year, also known as Río + 10 in regards to the Earth Summit in 1992. (02/03/02)

Carol Barton about the upcoming UN Conference on Financing which will take place in Monterrey, México this March.  Barton is member of the International Coalition for Economic Justice/IWCEJ (02/03/02)

María Suárez interviews Roxana Arroyo  of the Organizing Committe of the IX Feminist Encuentro to be held in Costa Rica this coming december.(02/01/02)

Fuente : www.laborradio.org/wsf-audio

 02/05/02     Conclusions of the I International Forum for the Defense of the Health of People  
                        Final Feminist Report from World Social Forum, by Frieda Werden, WINGS

 02/03/02     II Feminist Report from World Social Forum, by Frieda Werden, WINGS

(02/02/02     I Feminist Report from World Social Forum, by Frieda Werden, WINGS

III  Report, María Suárez (02/04/02)

  II Report, María Suárez (02/03/02)

  I Report, María Suárez (02/02/02)

September 11th & the Aftermath:  FIRE PEACECASTs
    (Co-produced with WINGS--Women's International NewsGathering Service)

FIRE Special Features on September 11th From New York

Costa Rica:  From Banana Republic to Oil Republic?

Women's International War Crimes Tribunal of Japan's Military Sexual Slavery of "Comfort Women"  (2000 & 2001)

Afghan Women's Summit in Brussels

UN World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) from Durban, South Africa

Global Vigil of Women in Black:

Webcast Marathon for International Women's Health Day 2001:

Beijing +5 (June, 2000)

Vieques, Puerto Rico:  Women's Civil Disobedience to Save Their Island

FIRE Coverage of Globalization Protests in Costa Rica and Elsewhere

Women's Civil Disobedience Against Militarization:

Women's Human Rights in the 20th Century

Femicide & Domestic Violence

School of the Americas Protests

International Criminal Court

Female Genital Mutilation

ICPD+5: UN International Conference on Population & Development--5-Year Follow-up

Extradition Case of Pinochet

Other FIRE Features:

Background on FIRE