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English Program Archives 2009


Women's Human Rights Week in Honduras to document violations during coup and ongoing crisis



Military Coup in Honduras: Statement by Feminist and Women's Organization

Time for President Zelaya to return to Honduras, by Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK and Global Exchange
The Huffington Post, August 4, 2009

Wednesday July 22, 2009, Special FIRE coverage of the protests in Washington in solidarity with the people of Honduras defending their human rights and institutionality

Women's struggles and resistance in Honduran crisis

Women's radio silenced and other violations of press freedom in Honduras following coup

Pro-coup forces hire Washington lobbyist to convince US Congress to support coup


Pres. Zelaya Vows to Return to Honduras Despite Threats of Arrest by Coup Leaders
(Democracy Now, 7/2/09)



Iran’s (s)elections; people’s hopes turn sour, once again by Sharzhad News

Women's human rights activist and lawyer beaten and arrested in Iran

Iranian Feminism after June 2009:
A Conversation with Zillah Eisenstein

Twitter, women & protest in Iran



New 2009 report, "Guatemala’s Femicide Law:
Progress Against Impunity?" by Guatemalan Human Rights Commission/USA

Activist Norma Cruz of the Survivors' Movement in Guatemala denounces death threats

Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi calls for new elections

Women lead Tehran's street protests
by Sharzhad News

Protesting mothers arrested in Iran for speaking out about murdered sons and daughters


Creating a democracy in the name of all women: International conference with Nobel Women's
Initiative held in Guatemala

Declaration by the Platform of Women Artists of Spain on Femicide and Violence Against Women

Declaration by Nobel Women's Initiative in support of Guatemalan women

Nobel Women's Iniative International Conference: Women Redefining Democracy for Peace, Justice and Equality

Artists' Platform Against Violence

Guatemalan lawer Gladys Monterroso kidnapped and tortured


AUDIOS / Panels

Mairead Corrigan Premio Nobel de la Paz 1976  (English)

Jody Williams, Premio Nobel de la Paz 1997   (English)

Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres y Construcción de la Paz  (idioma original)  (May 11, 2009)

Questions & comments (original languages)
(May 11, 2009)


Nobel Women's Iniative International Conference: Women Redefining Democracy for Peace, Justice and Equality

Feminist Virtual Observatory: How to become involved in the process

Artists' Platform Against Violence



Guatemalan lawer Gladys Monterroso kidnapped and tortured

The  effects of the intersection between militarism and sexism in Colombian society

January 200


Call for a common front in face of the possibilities of new US/Latin America relations

Global Women’s Human Rights Forum

Nobel Women´s Initiative meets with activists and scholars: women as peace builders, status and challenges

Repeal of Global Gag Rule a  crucial move  to promote women's health

Obama's decision to close Guantanamo  is applauded as first step

"This crime against Palestinian children and people in Gaza is done in my name..." (more)

Israeli and Palestinian women call for immediate end to Israeli military aggression in Gaza

"Gaza:  Stop the Siege!  End the War!" Global campaign with protests in 107 cities

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