Feminist International Radio Endeavour

Women in radio from South Africa and Costa Rica join microphones

Manana Monareng
Communications Manager of NCRF (National Community Radio Forum), South Africa



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San José, April 29. FIRE.

As a result of their joint radio work during the United Nations World Conference Against Racism last year in South Africa were, together with AMARC (World Association of Community Radios), women of the NCRF (National Community Radio Forum) and of FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavour are presently undertaking and exchange program in Costa Rica.

Between the 29 of April 28 and May 7, Communications Manager of NCRF, Manana Monareng will be in Costa Rica to share with FIRE and its audience the work that they do, and also to learn about FIRE´s and the local AMARC´s groups in the country.

Three important days of commemoration take place within the dates of the exchange. One is International Worker’s Day on May 1st, another is International Freedom of the Press on the 3rd of May and the other is FIRE´s 11th anniversary, also on May 1 st

Women in Black in Costa Rica will march that day against the war in the Middle East and have invited Manana to cover the event; UNESCO has invited FIRE, NCRF and AMARC´s local members to a special activity on May 3rd. FIRE will celebrate its anniversary by inviting AMARC groups and Manana for a special lunch.

Other activities during the exchange will be a visit to women’s health projects in Costa Rica, especially regarding AIDS and HIV work and a special interactive class by Manana with the students of journalism of the University of Denver via webcast and chat on FIRE:

Manana Monareng with the staff of FIRE, Katerina Anfossi, Ana Ugalde and Adilia Caravaca Human Rights activist in woman issues.

At the studios of FIRE in Costa Rica: Manana Monareng
Communications Manager of the Nation al Community Radio Forum
of South Africa and María Suárez of FIRE in Costa Rica

At the University of Denver’s School of Communications: Lynn Hassett, Alex Valdivieso, Mark Neubauer, Paige Dittmer, Amanda Harrison, Courtney, Newman, Cheryl Hjelle, Judith Obando, Kat Ferguson, Shaymia Ware, Laure Westmoreland, Kat Chervenak and professorMargie Thompson.