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august 2008

Book presentation:


The book Mujeres, Metamorfosis del Efecto Mariposa (Women, Metamorphosis of the Butterfly Effect), written by María Suárez Toro and published by Editorial Farben/Norma in Costa Rica, will be presented on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at the Mexican Institute in San Jose.

The book contains stories of women who "have been defying and transforming traditional forms of thought and analysis, from the sciences to art, to human rights and politics," explained Suarez.  She continued, "Their contributions have led important changes in paradigms, changes in the ways that we understand and make sense of our world.  However, these women and their actions have been never been recognized or were misinterpreted." 

Presenting women from all over the world and throughout history, the book forges new paths to make visible the scientific, artistic and scholarly contributions and transformations by women in the world.  Based on a diverse range of literary forms and extensive research, the book incorporates testimonies, interviews and imaginary letters that combine facts with imagination to portray and come to know each woman featured.

Although the book has been published in Spanish for now, you may visit me -- speaking as the book as a digital character -- in English and Spanish at: http://www.nuestrametamorfosis.net/en.  I am being translated and hope to be published in English in the future.

This book has provided inspiration for a theatre show that will premier in Costa Rica on November 4, 2008, and in CapeTown, South Africa at the AWID Forum on Women's Rights & Development, November 14-17, 2008. 

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