Feminist International Radio Endeavour

October 2006



Dear friends

The Independent Women’s Movement (MAM) invites you to participate as an observant for the defense of the vote in the next election in Nicaragua November 5, 2006.     

The MAM is a social movement and political by natural character which vindicates the equality, the freedom, and solidarity for the construction of a political, economic and social system through democracy.    

 The MAM is integrated women who participate for a reason or individual purpose, on the base of the responsibility and personal conviction; who adhere to its postulates, and actively participate in the promotion of its political feminist agenda. 

Next November 5, 2006, elections for president, vice-president and National Assembly of deputies and deputies of the legislative chamber in Nicaragua will be held. 

 Four important political parties to these elections will appear in the process. However, the “political agreement” between the parties of Partido Liberal Constitucionalista (PLC) Arnoldo Alemán and of the Sandinista Front of Liberación Nacional (FSLN) Daniel Ortega Saavedra, that held most of the control and powers of the State, darkens the transition to a total democracy in the country.    

The Alliance MRS (Sandinista Renovador Movement) arises before the necessity to conform a progressive alternative left, democratic, modern movement that can confront the problems of Nicaragua, not only from a program of realistic government, but from an ethical perspective which would open a climate of freedom, respect, security and protection for the citizens, to channel to the country in the route of democracy, the institutionalization, to despaired powers of the state and to end the corruption.   

Around MRS there are a considerable number of social organizations, social parties and movements, between these, the Independent Women’s Movement. It is about an ample Alliance that sides with the popular well-being.    

The election which will be held November 5th contains the possibility, through a triumph of the MRS Alliance, to consolidate a democratic State, to develop programs to face poverty and to avoid the growing processes of citizen insecurity, within the framework of ample and non impositive international relations.

A National Assembly, with a good contingent of respectful deputies could contribute to adopt and implement laws that manage to revert the prevailing policies of neo-liberal cut and advance in the defense of the rights of the women.   

Recently, between the 19th and 22nd of September, in Panama, representatives of feminists organizations of Central America and Just Associates created an initiative to accompany Nicaraguan women in their participation of the electoral process.

Nicaraguan feminists, Malena de Montis and Violeta Delgado, members of the Political Coordinating of the MAM, and made the political decision to support and to conform an Observatory of Women for the Elections in Nicaragua, for which each person or organization will finance her costs as she contributes their own to accompany the MAM.       

In addition, Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE) committed to hold a Webcast Marathon from Nicaragua so that women in other countries can observe the process virtually. Nobel Prize laureates, as well as feminist activists, journalists and others, have committed to observe the elections through this channel.     

November 5th is the election; this is the time those that decide to participate as observant officials must be credited in the Electoral Council. For that reason we ask for them to send a: direccion@ipade.org.ni  

With copy a: mdemontis@turbonett.com.ni

the following information (can be scanned):  

1. Photocopy of the effective passport 

2. Photo   

Once their inscription is confirmed by the Electoral Council, the participants will have to attend a qualification workshop by the Electoral Council for observant people. For that reason we request one to arrive at Nicaragua no later than November 2nd.   

 Hoping to count on ample participation of observant women we send kind regards,   

 Sofía Montenegro  Executive  Political Coordinator MAM