By Margaret Thompson, FIRE

Health clinics to deliver babies and treat HIV/AIDS and other illnesses and injuries, and shelters for orphans and elderly are just a few of the uses for tents distributed by a feminist international solidarity camp established by FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour, and women’s organizations from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In a broadcast on January 29th dedicated to the memory of the three Haitian feminist leaders who were killed in the earthquake on January 12, FIRE put out a call for more donations to buy more tents and solar-powered hand-crank radios.


“Tents are urgently needed here because they are no longer available in the Dominican Republic.,” declared María Suárez Toro of FIRE.  “We have to bring them to Haiti from elsewhere.”  Suárez was speaking on the FIRE broadcast from the Feminist International Solidarity Camp "Myriam Merlet, Anne Maria Coriolan and Magalie Marcelin,” named after the three Haitian feminist activists killed in the quake.  The camp has a resource distribution center, a health clinic for women and children, and a communications center for media coverage including live internet transmissions by FIRE in Spanish, English and French (Creole) (for details go to www.radiofeminista.net) . International organizations and women’s movements have long recognized that women experience deep-seated inequality and marginalization –especially in the poorest ountries, such as Haiti – and their needs are made invisible and almost never met.

FIRE has organized transport of more than 20 large tents so far, which have been distributed to create health clinics and shelters for HIV/AIDS patients, elderly, orphans and women and families.  Three tents were donated to the internationally renowned Dr. Jean W. Pape for a laboratory and health clinic now serving over 5,000 persons with HIV/AIDS and other illnesses and injuries.  Pape, a Haitian, is well known in his home country and worldwide for his groundbreaking HIV/AIDS research and for his years of work in healthcare in Haiti, where an already extreme poverty rate was greatly increased as a result of the devastating earthquake.

Other tents donated by the international solidarity camp were used to create a health clinic for delivery of babies and care for women and children in Léogâne, which was the epicenter of the earthquake on January 12th.  Another group of 40 elderly persons who had evacuated their nursing home before the quake due to unsafe conditions, were living in the open when the earthquake hit, and so survived.  This group along with another 350+ elders have also received some of the tents from the feminist international solidarity camp.

PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING $110 FOR AN 8-PERSON TENT ($90 PLUS SHIPPING) OR $45 ($30 PLUS SHIPPING) FOR A SOLAR-POWERED HAND-CRANK RADIO TO THE INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY CAMP TO BE DISTRIBUTED TO MORE GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS IN HAITI.  CONTACT FIRE AT Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. .

For more information, go to FIRE’s webpage in Spanish and English at:  www.radiofeminista.net.


28 de Mayo 
Día de Acción por la Salud de las Mujeres


3 de Diciembre
Día de las Personas con Discapacidad

Mil millones de personas viven con alguna discapacidad, 80 de cada 100 están en los países más pobres.

1 de Diciembre
Día Mundial de lucha contra el Sida

35,3 millones de personas viven con VIH. En este día expresamos solidaridad y reclamamos medicamentos para todos los que los necesitan.


 10 de Diciembre
Día Mundial de los Derechos Humanos


11 de Octubre
Día Internacional de las Niñas

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28 de Septiembre
Día por la despenalización del aborto en América Latina y el Caribe

20 de Junio
Día Internacional de las Personas Refugiadas

Actualmente existen más de 45 millones de personas que se han visto forzadas a desplazarse de sus lugares de origenes. Solo 20 de cada 100 serán recibidas en países desarrollados.

23 de Junio
Día Internacional de las Viudas

115 millones de viudas viven  bajo la línea de pobreza. De ellas 81 millones sufren malos tratos físicos, a menudo por sus propios familiares.
Muchas se convierten en esclavas de la familia del marido, otras son expulsadas, u obligadas a casarse con un familiar.  


8 de Marzo
Día Internacional de las Mujeres Trabajadoras


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